Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Southern Weddings Magazine - Official Bride Blogger!

If you haven't checked out the Southern Weddings blog then you should. It's chocked full of beautiful Southern weddings - everything from beach weddings, to garden weddings, to traditional church weddings, to weddings held under beautiful live oak trees...only like the South can do it. (sidenote - I LOVE live oak trees....Mark and I were very very close to booking a venue in Mobile mainly because of my love of live oak trees. They're just so majestic.) Seriously though, this blog is the place to go if you need some inspiration or even if you're looking to find a vendor - especially photography. I actually found our photographer through looking at the amazing weddings they feature on the SW blog. And just a tip - if you see a wedding you like ALWAYS look to see who their vendors were...most blogs will list a lot of the vendors, but if you see something that you like that is not listed then just ask! ...that's what the comments section is for!

The SW blog also has a section of their website devoted to featuring Southern Bride Bloggers. These bride bloggers are hand-picked by the ladies at Southern Weddings and guess who their newest blogger edition is? ....Yep, that's's me!! :) I'm so honored and so excited to have been chosen as an official Southern Weddings Bride Blogger! They're currently working on creating a logo tile for me to go on their site so it isn't up yet, but I'm told it should be up within a few weeks. Yay! :) 


deana said...

Why do I feel like this tid bit was directed my way? :) Thanks for the tips and CONGRATS on being a featured blogger, you little blogger, you!
Love you!

Rachel said...

That's exciting Liz...Awesome :)

Love you!

ss said...

here's all i have to say: writing thank you notes before you get the gift vs being an official SW blogger..... hmm, i'd say we're dead even on dorkiness. and i still love you! congrats. maybe you should change your job field. really.... i think you found your true calling!?! :)