Monday, August 23, 2010

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Destination: Dream

If only, IF ONLY,  I had a month off of work I would totally do this:

Literally, all you can jet for one flat rate for an entire month. Granted, it's only between the U.S., Mexico and Caribbean (so no Greek Isles or Amalfi Coast)...but come on! Anyone ever heard the term "island hopping"? H-E-L-L-O St. Thomas, St. John, St. Barts, St. Martin, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos, The Bahamas, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Key West, Cozumel, then maybe hit some coastal cities....Playa del Carmen, Zihuatanejo, Cabo San Lucas, San Diego, San Fran, maybe hit up Napa Valley, Portland, Seattle, back to the East Coast with Miami, Savannah, Hilton Head, Charleston, The Hamptons, and Nantucket.   Ahhhhh, a girl can dream. Or possibly take a Sabbatical. Those are in now, right?! ;)

So...I wanna know, where would you go?!?

The Indecisive Wife

**Update - I dug a little deeper into Jet Blue's website and they unfortunately do not travel everywhere I listed. Oh well, it's only a dream anyway! ;) **

Monday, August 16, 2010

Design Love

Welcome to my new installment of Design Love. You'll see these pop up every now and then and basically it's just gonna be something I've seen that I LOVE (yes, that's capital L- O - V - E). Whether it's a room, a piece of furniture, a piece of art, clothing, etc., I can guarantee you this: it's going to be something FAB! ;) So here we go...

Recognize this?! Anyone watch Design Star?? Well, this is Emily's room from the Glass Room Challenge. I LOOOOVVVEEE this room. The colors are beautiful; there's a lot going on, but it's not too cluttered. When she was designing this room she mentioned that she just loves pretty things and she likes putting those pretty things together...whether they relate or "go together" or not. Well, Emily, I love pretty things too and I think this room is just beautiful. Your eclectic style of mixing vintage with modern is right up my alley. You definitely have my vote....especially over that whiny prima donna Michael that thinks he's hot shit. Yea....I said it! Team Emily all the way!!!!

The Indecisive Wife

Let the Wedding Coordinating Begin

but wedding was over a year this must mean that...

That's right! In just 2 short weeks I'll debut as a Wedding Coordinator! 

Back last Fall I met Amanda through my friend Becky. Amanda was engaged and was planning a wedding for August 2010. She, like so many brides I know (myself included), was trying to plan her wedding without much outside help, while also working a full-time job. For those married ladies out there, we all know that planning a wedding could be a full time job itself so if you're going it alone then you're going to need either A) an extended amount of time to plan & prepare or B) some outside help. Well, Amanda decided to do a little bit of both...She has taken her time to plan and prepare for her perfect wedding (about a year long engagement) and she asked me to help her coordinate her Wedding day-of...things like setting up decor, organizing arrivals/departures and timelines and just generally making sure every last detail is attended to. We also began discussing design schemes early on and Amanda communicated to me that she wanted a very elegant, vintage inspired wedding. I LOVE making inspiration boards (decor is one of my favorite things about a to the beauty and symbolism of the event itself...the organization of pulling off a flawless event comes in a close 3rd!) so I offered to put one together for Amanda. Based off of the color of the bridesmaid dresses and with keeping an elegant vintage theme in mind, I came up with this inspiration board:

I envisioned a jewel-tone color palette based off of Amanda's peacock blue bridesmaid dresses. The subtle repeating of brooches builds on the vintage theme, along with soft, garden-like florals. The addition of beautiful depression glass also adds to the vintage aesthetic. Amanda shared the inspiration board with her I can't wait
to see what they came up with. Amanda will be reusing her bridesmaid's bouquets as centerpieces for the reception. We'll also be injecting some Black and White Damask into her reception. Anyone remember these: 

Yep, these are the table toppers that my mother-in-law made for mine and Mark's wedding. I ordered the fabric from and measured out the sizes then Mark's Mom graciously made 7 of these for me to use at our wedding last year. I'm happy to share these with Amanda for her wedding. We'll be using one on the Bride's Cake table and one on her guestbook table in the foyer entrance area of her reception. 

I'm so excited to be helping Amanda with her wedding. They're a beautiful couple and I'm sure it's going to be a beautiful wedding! I'll make sure to give you all a recap of the day and how everything turned out.

talk soon,
the indecisive wife :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Addition

Ha! ...just playin'. I had to. 

This is our REAL New Addition:

Her name is Evie Grace Boger and we adopted her from the Humane Society on June 28th.
(btw, it only took us about 2 1/2 weeks to give her a name...not too bad considering it took us about a month to name Rufus....the poor thing was known by "kitty" for the first month or so of his life)

She's a cutie and yes, she gives Rufus a run for his money. She's only 4 months old now, but she can totally hang tough with him (yes, that's another subtle reference to a boy band. i couldn't resist). I was really worried about introducing this new member of our family to Rufus, but to my surprise Rufus took it really well and they were already playing together after the 1st week. We're not yet to the snuggling together phase, but I have hopes they'll get there eventually. There's definitely still some sibling jealousy going on, but it's much, MUCH better than I had worriedly anticipated. And just to add some cuteness to your Friday, I'm gonna share more pics for your viewing pleasure :)

Me holding her at the Humane Society    Mark holding her at the Humane Society
In her carrier on the way to the vet

Working Hard at the office with Mom :)

Happy Friday y'all!!! 

The Indecisive Wife

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lighten Up!

We have a great screened-in porch and covered deck right off of our kitchen and living room. Actually, this was one of the selling features of the house that really appealed to us because Mark and I both love to spend time outdoors. As we toured the house for the first time, we immediately noticed the neglect that this screened-in porch had endured over the years. The ceiling was plywood...that's it. No paint, no nothing. Between that and the fact that the deck was graying badly and in desperate need of re-staining and sealing, I knew this was going to be project that we would have to tackle at some point....and why not wait until the hottest part of the summer (100 + heat indexes) to tackle it?!

We started with the screened-in area. I decided to paint the ceiling just a basic white because the trim on our siding was white. In addition to giving the ceiling a "finished" look (as opposed to the unfinished look of plywood boards), we also had the goal of brightening up the area. This deck is right off of our Living Room which has two large double windows that look right out onto the deck. Having this covered deck and screened-in porch is great, but it really blocks a lot of the natural sunlight from pouring into our Living Room so we wanted to help brighten up both the deck and the Living Room by using some lighter colors.

In order to add some interest to the basic white we decided to trim the ceiling in a warm brown color (Granite by Olympic Paint in Exterior Satin). We also decided to add some trim pieces to the ceiling itself in order try to "up" the architectural detail a bit. Since I was basically covered in paint and sweat the entire time we were doing this project -- Oh, and by covered I mean COVERED....I even had little white paint specks in my contacts....IN MY EYES y'all! -- I didn't really get to take any pictures of the process. But after 2 weekends and a random weekday night we were left with these results:

We're happy with the way it turned out....and we're definitely glad it's over....painting over your head is hard work y'all!!! Next up....restain and reseal the deck! We've already selected and purchased a semi-transparent Cedar Naturaltone shade made by Olympic....we just have to get started. Although I think we might take a break from the deck and "painting" projects and get started on a building project instead -- a Permanent Wooden Hammock Stand with Pergola Roof. We already have the's a super comfy extra large Mayan Style woven hammock...and Mark has already drawn up the plans for it so now all we have to do is purchase the materials and get started building! Stay tuned for our progress on this project! ;)

The Indecisive Wife