Monday, August 16, 2010

Let the Wedding Coordinating Begin

but wedding was over a year this must mean that...

That's right! In just 2 short weeks I'll debut as a Wedding Coordinator! 

Back last Fall I met Amanda through my friend Becky. Amanda was engaged and was planning a wedding for August 2010. She, like so many brides I know (myself included), was trying to plan her wedding without much outside help, while also working a full-time job. For those married ladies out there, we all know that planning a wedding could be a full time job itself so if you're going it alone then you're going to need either A) an extended amount of time to plan & prepare or B) some outside help. Well, Amanda decided to do a little bit of both...She has taken her time to plan and prepare for her perfect wedding (about a year long engagement) and she asked me to help her coordinate her Wedding day-of...things like setting up decor, organizing arrivals/departures and timelines and just generally making sure every last detail is attended to. We also began discussing design schemes early on and Amanda communicated to me that she wanted a very elegant, vintage inspired wedding. I LOVE making inspiration boards (decor is one of my favorite things about a to the beauty and symbolism of the event itself...the organization of pulling off a flawless event comes in a close 3rd!) so I offered to put one together for Amanda. Based off of the color of the bridesmaid dresses and with keeping an elegant vintage theme in mind, I came up with this inspiration board:

I envisioned a jewel-tone color palette based off of Amanda's peacock blue bridesmaid dresses. The subtle repeating of brooches builds on the vintage theme, along with soft, garden-like florals. The addition of beautiful depression glass also adds to the vintage aesthetic. Amanda shared the inspiration board with her I can't wait
to see what they came up with. Amanda will be reusing her bridesmaid's bouquets as centerpieces for the reception. We'll also be injecting some Black and White Damask into her reception. Anyone remember these: 

Yep, these are the table toppers that my mother-in-law made for mine and Mark's wedding. I ordered the fabric from and measured out the sizes then Mark's Mom graciously made 7 of these for me to use at our wedding last year. I'm happy to share these with Amanda for her wedding. We'll be using one on the Bride's Cake table and one on her guestbook table in the foyer entrance area of her reception. 

I'm so excited to be helping Amanda with her wedding. They're a beautiful couple and I'm sure it's going to be a beautiful wedding! I'll make sure to give you all a recap of the day and how everything turned out.

talk soon,
the indecisive wife :)

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