Friday, December 12, 2008

Here Comes the Groom Part 2

Okay, so we went back to the tux shop this week and Mark tried on some more tuxes (that fit better this time around!) and we also tried the vest/tie combos again. I think we've come to an agreement on the groom/groomsmen/FOTG and FOTB combos. Now we just have to decide WHICH combo! 

Here are the combos we came up with:

Option A Combo: Groom in Black Vest/Black Tie and Groomsmen in Black Vest/Eggplant Tie. Dads in Black Vest/Black Bow-tie

Option B Combo: Groom in Ivory Vest/Ivory Tie and Groomsmen in Black Vest/Black Tie. Dads in Black Vest/ Black Bow-Tie.

Option C Combo: Groom in Ivory Vest/Black Tie and Groomsmen in Black Vest/Black Tie. Dads in Black Vest/Black Bow-tie.

So basically, we decided that the only way the Eggplant tie looks good for the groomsmen is when Mark is wearing the all black option (option A). The Eggplant Tie/Black Vest just doesn't tie in well when Mark is wearing one of the Ivory combos. We figured that if we pick one of the options with Mark in ivory and Groomsmen in all black then we'll just do some sort of purple flower boutonniere for the groomsmen and a white boutonniere for Mark. That way, the groomsmen will still be wearing some sort of purple to match the bridesmaids. 

Also, you may notice that the jacket Mark is wearing is too short in the sleeves but fits everywhere else. That's because his arms are abnormally long. :) He's quite lanky or as we now like to say "Long and Lean"...that's what our tux consultant called it! The "long length" jacket is too long on him in the torso though, so we'll have to order the regular size then let out the sleeves. I'm glad they can easily do this! :)

So...what do you guys think? Option A, B, or C??? 

The Indecisive Bride AND The Indecisive Groom :)

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Anonymous said...

Liz! Yall are completely cracking me up. And it's even funnier now that Mark is part of your indecisive group! Geez. Okay option 1 definitely. That's my vote. :)