Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dream Bed

I'm married and we still sleep in a double bed.

I used to think that this statement was not that odd, but the more I mention this fact to people, the more I get odd looks. You know, the kind of look you might give a two-headed person. The kind of look that combines shock and disgust. The kind of look that makes me think..."hey, maybe we should splurge for a new bed". Did I also mention that this bed (read: mattress) is over 10 years old? That it was mine in highschool, throughout college and now on into my adult years? Cause it is. Did I also mention that this bed has no headboard or footboard and that it is literally just a mattress, boxspring and bedframe? ....Yeah, I think it's probably about time for me to grow up. So that brings us to....

Dream Bed #1:

The Ella Bed from Z Gallerie
Queen: $1499.00
King: $1599.00


Dream Bed #2:

The Farmhouse Bed from Potterybarn
Queen: $1449.00 - On Sale for: $1199.00
King: $1649.00 - On Sale for: $1399.00

So, we have elegant & comfy versus classic & structured. I loooovvvvee both of these looks and honestly, I'd take either ;) Which is your favorite? I think both of these beds exude the mood you want for your master bedroom...luxurious getaway. They both SCREAM master bedroom...they're very attention drawing beds that would be the focal point of any room. 

I listed both the queen and king prices because I'm not sure which size bed we'd get. Our current master bedroom could definitely handle a King sized bed (with room to spare), but I'm not sure what size bedroom we'll be working with down the road. Plus, when Mark and I travel and we sleep in king sized beds they seem SOOO big. almost too big! I sometimes even forget he's in the same bed as me! A queen bed seems more appropriately sized for us because neither of us are very large people...but down the road would we want a larger bed? Looking at the current rate that we buy beds (um...not very often or maybe more closely aligned to never!) in addition to the price tag on these, we're gonna have this bed for a WHILE! At this point it's only us and Rufus -- who insists upon sleeping with us every night -- but we're very shortly going to be adding one more to our family.......another baby kitty! :) Our little double sized bed is gonna get even more overcrowded, I imagine. bout you guys weigh in for you prefer a queen or a king and why?

And I'll leave you guys with this:

a *slightly* embarrassing old picture (circa 2007) of Rufus' sleeping habits. ....yeah, he's a snuggler alright. I couldn't imagine where he gets that from ;)

the indecisive wife

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slim Drinking Chocolate Milk?!

It's true. The Calcium, Vitamin D & Protein found in 1% Chocolate Milk can help you slim down! And notice I said 1% -- not Fat Free! Apparently your body needs *some* of the fat to help break down the Vitamin D. Check out the details here:

The Chocolate Milk Diet | Eat This, Not That

All you have to do is drink chocolate milk three times and day and eat nothing else for a week.


It's actually not a "diet" at all. They just suggest drinking chocolate milk (along with your regular routine of diet and exercise) 3 times a day -- once in the morning, once before you workout, and once after you workout. If you don't workout that day then just drink a glass morning, afternoon and evening. Doesn't sound so bad right?!

My husband is gonna be thrilled. He LOVES chocolate milk!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Please Excuse Me While I Whine...

Consider that your may want to turn away now.

I have a lot of good things going for me in my life and some days (weekends/nights) I see that. I have a wonderful husband. Let me say that again.... A WONDERFUL husband. He understands when I'm stressed...he cooks breakfast on the weekends...he never pours himself a cup of coffee without pouring mine as well...he supports me...he does laundry (while sometimes drying my "lay flat to dry" clothing, but eh - mistakes sometimes happen!)....he loves (for the most part!) doing projects around the house with me...I say I want to build something and he designs it...and builds it....he tolerates my incessant need to "improve things"....he opens my car door when we go out to dinner...he writes me messages on the lunch he packed for me while he was packing his own....he holds my hand at the table at dinner....he goes to get me "fill in the blank" when I give him puppydog eyes....and on, and on, and on...

I also have a great "first" house and a sweet snuggly kitty cat. I have a nice car to drive and we have the ability to take yearly vacations. I have a job. My husband has a job...a "good" job. And we're happily married (the first year is the hardest?! hogwash!!).

So yeah, I know I have a lot of things to be thankful for, but all of that just gets buried in my everyday life. I want ME time...US time. Every week we look forward to the weekend...and then the next weekend and then the next holiday and then the next vacation....and before I know it years have passed by. I feel like I'm wasting my life. I sit at a desk everyday and work my ass off...stress out, harbor anxiety and what do I get for it? A fat ass paycheck? No. A sense of accomplishment? Not really. ...cause it's the same thing every month and it's not like I even get to see my hard work enacted. Appreciation? Hell No. I rarely ever, EVER get "Thank You's"-- instead I get complaints about how things could be better...little nit-picky things. I get emails unread, requests not met, questions unanswered and just a whole helluva lot of frustration.

I have this very aggravating habit to always do my best. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do a good job at whatever it is I'm doing. And to be quite honest, I'M getting sick and tired of trying. It always seems like the person that works the hardest and complains the least always gets the shit end of the stick. Shouldn't they be rewarded? Or at the very least appreciated? But, no...they get extra work and no extra pay.  I don't know, maybe that's just some crazy notion I have of work and of being a good employee. Or maybe I need a new career.

Why is it that we're expected to spend nearly 72% of our year working? that leaves us with only 28% of our own time doing what we actually WANT to do. That's insane!! I don't want to be forced to live my life by someone else's rules for the majority of my life (cause technically, we're SUPPOSE to be able to retire someday - right?!). I've gotta figure this out...maybe I need a new plan. Always playing by the rules and following the norm isn't always the right thing to do. I want to live at the warm weather and I want to make my OWN schedule and play by my OWN rules. I want to be able to wake up in the morning when I want to...and go workout, have breakfast on my screened-in porch and THEN go to work. If I want to go see a show and have a few drinks on a weeknight I want to be able to do that without worrying about having to wake up and go to work in the morning. I'm nearly 5 years in to this "routine" and I'm so over it.