Thursday, June 17, 2010

Slim Drinking Chocolate Milk?!

It's true. The Calcium, Vitamin D & Protein found in 1% Chocolate Milk can help you slim down! And notice I said 1% -- not Fat Free! Apparently your body needs *some* of the fat to help break down the Vitamin D. Check out the details here:

The Chocolate Milk Diet | Eat This, Not That

All you have to do is drink chocolate milk three times and day and eat nothing else for a week.


It's actually not a "diet" at all. They just suggest drinking chocolate milk (along with your regular routine of diet and exercise) 3 times a day -- once in the morning, once before you workout, and once after you workout. If you don't workout that day then just drink a glass morning, afternoon and evening. Doesn't sound so bad right?!

My husband is gonna be thrilled. He LOVES chocolate milk!

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