Thursday, December 4, 2008

Old Habits Die Hard

yeah that's right...habits. We all have them. Some probably more embarrassing than others. But habits are breakable right? right! I've been thinking lately...there's a habit that I'd like to, love to, need to break. What is it? My skincare routine.

What?!? Are you disappointed?? Surprised? Did you want a juicier secret? Well...hold tight...we still have 6 months to go till the wedding - who knows what's gonna come out of my mouth before then! 

So back to my skincare routine. It currently consists of this:

Yep. Sad huh? Same stuff I used when I was 15 (sidenote - i think i've gone through several other cheapo drugstore cleansers...but they're all along the same line as good 'ole clean & clear). I'm now 25. Think it's time to switch?!? I do! Sadly, I think I'm getting to the point where it's important for me to use a good cleanser and a good skincare routine in general. I guess I'm finally realizing that I am, in fact, 25 years old and it's starting to show...on my face! Fine lines around my eyes, dark circles, dull complexion...and all of those fun things that come with age! Granted, I haven't taken the best care of my skin...5 years of lifeguarding coupled with countless hours in the sun, a few tanning bed trips (ahhh!!) and a lack of regular sunscreen use probably wasn't the best idea....

So, I'm on a search for a new (a REAL)  skincare routine. One that will help combat the fine lines and refreshen and moisturize my skin. Sounds easy enough right?!? Well, I have no idea where to begin. Honestly, I'm not even sure what skin type I have. Combination...maybe?!? I mean I don't think I'm oily...I never really look shiny. Although, my makeup definitely does fade by the end of the day...a side effect of oily skin? (then again that could be the fact that I only use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation) Also, I don't think my skin is dry...although I definitely have to moisturize after I wash my face b/c my skin feels kinda tight. BUT...that could be the crappy cleanser :) 

So see where I'm at? I'm totally lost!!! Should I see a dermatologist?? I mean I don't necessarily have any problems with my skin so maybe that's not the route to go. I just figure that they are the actual skin professionals so maybe they could shed some light on my skin type and the best products for my skin. But do they even do that sort of thing?? I've never been to a dermatologist before (yeah, I made it all the way through my teens without any major skin problems...actually my skin is probably worse now than it was then! I literally used  to wash my face in the shower with dove soap and that was my skincare routine) I guess my other option is to go to Sephora or to a makeup counter and talk to one of the employees there. I've gotta be honest though....should I trust the advice of those employees? Do they really know their stuff?? Or is it just a part-time job for them? I mean if I'm talking about spending some money on a great skincare I want it to be the best one possible for my skin. You know??

I came across this product line on the Sephora website. 

Does anyone know anything about it? Ever used it? It's the Philosophy brand Miracle gift set.

So...I desperately need your advice (as you can see!). Any good skincare products that you swear by? Dermatologist or Sephora/Cosmetic Counter Employee? Even if you can tell me what you think my skin type is....I'm game! Anything you've got for me...bring it! :)

Thanks so so much everyone!! I really appreciate it!

the indecisive bride/ admitted skincare dummy


andrea said...

okay...late night lurking on facebook and saw that you were busy blogging so...decided to see how all of the wedding stuff is coming along...
you have definitely been busy! i really love seeing all of your ideas come together here! couldn't resist responding to the skincare post...
i have two products that i love and highly recommend..and guess can still get them at the drug store...well one of them. the other requires a trip to whole foods.
1) cetaphil
i have used it for years, recommended by dermatologists... for real! and it is awesome!
it is gentle and cleans your skin...i love how your face feels clean but you do not get that crazy tight or dried out feeling either.
it is great product and great price!

2)this one...plan a trip to whole foods...
Thayers rose petal witch hazel toner.
this is my favorite. it only costs $10.00!
it cleans freshens tones and moisturizes your skin.
It has great old fashioned packaging so it looks cute in the medicine cabinet and smells good too!

lastly...i am planning a trip to sephora to try this:

okay, the last bit of skin advice is getting a good night's sleep...which is where i am headed now!
see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog through a post on weddingbee. I just wanted to say that if you read the ingredients, you'll see that this line from Sephora is awful. Their lotions are nice, but I wouldn't put their stuff on my face. I also like cetaphil. Sephora sells Bare Escentuals (awesome makeup) and the cleanser line to go with that is MD Formulations which is AWESOME. I've been using it for years and I love it. Good luck. Hope you don't think I'm too random. I'll even log onto my LJ so you know I'm real, haha.

Anonymous said...

Check out Arbonne

Mark said...

i use axe body wash, and i used to use soap, and my skin is amazing. so what more can i say...