Friday, August 6, 2010

New Addition

Ha! ...just playin'. I had to. 

This is our REAL New Addition:

Her name is Evie Grace Boger and we adopted her from the Humane Society on June 28th.
(btw, it only took us about 2 1/2 weeks to give her a name...not too bad considering it took us about a month to name Rufus....the poor thing was known by "kitty" for the first month or so of his life)

She's a cutie and yes, she gives Rufus a run for his money. She's only 4 months old now, but she can totally hang tough with him (yes, that's another subtle reference to a boy band. i couldn't resist). I was really worried about introducing this new member of our family to Rufus, but to my surprise Rufus took it really well and they were already playing together after the 1st week. We're not yet to the snuggling together phase, but I have hopes they'll get there eventually. There's definitely still some sibling jealousy going on, but it's much, MUCH better than I had worriedly anticipated. And just to add some cuteness to your Friday, I'm gonna share more pics for your viewing pleasure :)

Me holding her at the Humane Society    Mark holding her at the Humane Society
In her carrier on the way to the vet

Working Hard at the office with Mom :)

Happy Friday y'all!!! 

The Indecisive Wife

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