Sunday, January 25, 2009

Even Steven

So, you've seen my purple shoes (that I LOVE!)...well I'm not going to be the only one tossing a little color into my wedding day attire. Mark and I just bought these socks for him and his groomsmen:

...that's right...purple argyle socks! I've been looking for these for months...MONTHS! We were close to buying some online from Barney's back in November, but the stock ended up getting too low and we couldn't get the full quantity we needed. ho-hum... So, nearly every store we ever go in that sells men's socks, we've looked to see if they have purple argyle ones. In addition to that, I also do random searches online looking for them. Well, tonight was our lucky night! I found them through the ShopStyle website (which I love, can find nearly anything through there!) at Express for Men. 

So there ya have it! Now we get to take cute pictures like these:

YAY!! :) ...check that one off the list!

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Ashley said...

shoe/sock pictures are the BEST!!! Who doesn't love argyle socks? :)

peace and love