Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh No, Domino!!!

I just heard some sad news that I wanted to share with everyone...Domino Magazine is closing it's doors after the March 09 issue! :(

Story here

I love this magazine! It's been my inspiration for the entire decor of my house and even
 wedding inspiration. The Aqua/Red color palette that I was so in love with (before I booked our venue and decided those colors wouldn't work in a historic mansion) came from a room design in their magazine. The pages of beautiful design decor is what I aspire to...and they're closing. Who is going to replace this amazing magazine?!? Maybe I'm being a 
little dramatic, but it's a sad, sad day in the interior design world.  Oh Domino, say it ain't so....

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Jenn said...

It's becoming almost 'normal' to hear about my favorite stores closing. :( So sad!