Thursday, January 1, 2009

Save the Date Designs

A while back I posted about STD's (Save The Dates!)...from everyone's comments and my further consideration on the subject I decided to go with postcards. I knew that I would be designing them since the company I was ordering from - Vista Print - didn't have any pre-made designs that fit within our design scheme. Quite honestly, I don't have much experience with graphic design...I WISH that I did, but unfortunately I do not. day when I have the time...I'd really like to take some graphic design classes...but that's another subject altogether.

So I started playing around with some different designs. I knew that I wanted to use one of our engagement pictures for the STD. I just think it's a nice personal touch and family members (especially older ones) really like to have a picture of the couple. I used Powerpoint to make my designs because I'm already very familiar with it and it was already on my computer. I really would have rather used Illustrator or Photoshop but I neither had the program nor did I know how to use it...and because I'm on a tight timeframe and a tight budget I went with Powerpoint.

Here's the designs I came up with in progressive order:




Can you guess which one I picked to use as the design for our Save the Dates? Which one is your favorite? 

The back of the postcard has the rest of the information and lists our website as well. I ordered these on Monday (12/29) and I just got the email last night that they have shipped. I can't wait to see how the finished product turned out!! I have to get these out ASAP, as we're only 5 months away now!


Melanie said...

I like #2!! Am I right? I'm a terrible guess-timator so.....

brett said...

they are all nice, but i like #1. however, i will guess that you picked #3.

Anonymous said...

May your newly-marride with happiness!

ss said...

i love number 1. so you have already ordered (and probably rec'd) these. am i right? our tastes are different.... prob not. cant wait to see them! love you!

capperson said...

i say 4.