Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flower Power

I love flowers.'s true! Always have, always will. And yes, I even love planting flowers :)

This post is all about the flowers. 

Bridesmaids Bouquets:


Bride's Bouquets:

Groom's Boutonnieres:

I unfortunately do not have credits for all of these pictures...I've been collecting these pictures for probably CLOSE to a year now! (wowza!) Most of the colors are pretty much what we would use for the wedding (because that's what i was looking for) BUT obviously, some of the flowers are not the right color - in those cases we'd have to switch the colors but i included them because i like the shape and composition of them. 

So, what do you guys think?? Which are your favorites? 


capperson said...

i like the 8th flower down upunder the bride bouquets.

Susan said...

For the groom, I like the first flower under the title "Groom's Boutonnieres"; a lily or an orchid??? however, I don't think it really goes with any of the bride's bouquets. It is very simple, but wispy, asymmetrical, and uncontained, not tight & symmetrical like the bridal bouquets. It reminds me our your damask motif.

Kelly Merrill said...

I like the first bridesmaid's bouquets (pink), bride bouquets 2,4,6,7, 10.