Saturday, January 10, 2009

Puttin' it to a Vote

okay, democracy rules...

I'm trying to decide about the color for the bridesmaids shoes...

Things I have already decided on:
1 - i want peep toes
2 - i want to keep them comfortable - probably 3 1/2 inches and under
3 - i want them to be different - just like the dresses...i don't want them all to be the same, BUT i do want them to coordinate

Here's what I'm thinking....


Or Here:

Aqua Blue

Or Here:


Let's remember the color of the dresses:

Also, be aware that the accent color is basically the color of shoe #2 (aqua blue) and the other colors involved in the color palette scheme are black/white damask. Also, for informational purposes, my dress is ivory and I will be wearing purple shoes. Additionally, we're considering a gunmetal color for the mothers dresses and an aqua color for the grandmother's dresses.

OR...should i just toss it all out the window and do gold??


So, what's your vote? Color 1, 2, 3 or 4? OR...should i just do BOTH pewter and gunmetal shades? 


Melanie said...


Heather said...

pewter and gunmetal i think-- aqua will be a lot of color and hard to do different shoes and still stay in the same color family

My Dream Ring said...

the Aqua shoes are gorgeous!

capperson said...

aqua :)