Friday, January 16, 2009

Invitation Envy

This is one of the most beautiful invitation sets I have ever seen:

I might have mentioned before that I love damask. :) I do! I can't help it! Another thing that I love ALMOST as much as damask is chandeliers. They're so beautiful and intricate and they sparkle, and who can resist that?!? Taking it a step further, I even love the image of a chandelier...just it's curve and detail and the pure elegance of the image. So yeah, this invitation set combines two of my loves....and one of my not so much love, the price tag! ;) I'm honestly not sure what this invitation set would cost, but I am sure that it's out of my budget! The pocket for the invitation is a laser cut damask pattern. How cool (and unique) is that?!? I also just love the particular damask pattern that is used (there's lots of variations of this pattern out there) and I love it's printed in a silver foil on the dark paper. I also adore how they used different colors, but tied everything together. That's also a favorite thing of mine (as witnessed by the bridesmaids dresses) have things coordinate, but not match exactly. The font used on the actual wedding invitation is gorgeous as well. Very elegant and classic. That's what I'm going for....elegant, beautiful, romantic, classic, vintage with subtle modern twists. This invitation basically sums all of those up into one. 

Here's a couple more detailed shots to oohh and ahhh over...

This invitation suite was created by Lisa Hoffman of Ceci New York do I translate this into something that is cost effective and feasible?!? And who do I get to do that? Or do I venture out and try to do it myself? I buy a simple invitation and jazz it up? AH! I don't know!! Help??


Kelly said...

Hey- a girl from my church is doing my invitations if you are interested. She is actually from Chattanooga so she is printing them there. Let me know if you want her contact info.

Pam said...

Those are gorgeous!!