Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Will you be...oh won't you bridesmaid?!??

My First DIY Project!

So when i asked all of my lovely bridesmaids to be in our wedding I wanted to do it in a special way. I wanted them to know how much i appreciate them, their friendship and their support and I especially wanted them to know how much it would mean to me for them to be in mine and Mark's wedding. Because of those reasons, I decided that i wanted to give them a little a "pre" bridesmaids gift. What i came up with was a silver necklace with a small silver initial hanging from it. Something simple, personal and can be worn over and over again. After looking through various Etsy sites I couldn't find any that were just right - some were too big, too small, too know how it goes. So i decided to order the materials and make them myself. I ordered the silver chains from Fire Mountain Gems and the alphabet letters from Art Beads. It was really quite simple...the only trick was getting the chain into the teeny tiny loop that the letter was attached to. So..I had to whip out the needle nose jewelry pliers and squeeze the necklace clasp enough to get it through the loop - then try to reshape the altered clasp - all without breaking the delicate silver. Slightly tricky, but I think it worked out well. The next step in the "Will you be my Bridesmaid" gift was the card. I found these at Amy Smyth Made It. They were perfect - cute and plenty of room to write a personal message! :) I then used the plastic pouches that the silver chain came in and printed out labels with the message:
Mark and Liz
May 30, 2009
and affixed it to the plastic pouch. 

Here's the end product:


Melanie said...

AWW...Liz! You are so stinkin' creative! I can't wait til May 30th to see what else you have up your sleeve! :)

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Liz,

What a cool way to use chains & beads! I realize you've already made your purchase :), but for anyone reading & thinking of shopping around, we also sell silver chain and silver letter beads at wholesale prices.

Best wishes for your wedding!

at Rings & Things

Barbara said...

Awesome with Awesome Sauce!

That's just so clever -- I'm jealous of your bridesmaids for having such an awesome bride...

Keep us posted on the planning!