Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm Committed., not to a mental institution...I haven't gone that crazy from wedding planning...yet. And no, not to Mark (well i mean of course i'm committed to him but that's not what i'm talking about here!!). I'm committed to a color scheme. There, I SAID IT!! The Color Scheme of the Reeves/Boger Wedding (wow - that sounds kinda strange...haven't gotten used to saying that i guess!) IS..... Deep Purple, Pale Aqua and Black/Ivory Damask.  My commitment was solidified after this purchase:
They're two damask ottomans that i will use with a little lounge area by this reflecting pool at our venue:

We're also going to have some highboy cocktail tables along the side.  The ottomans are a flocked damask print with a really pale gold cloth. They look a little darker in this picture than they actually are.  I'm planning to purchase a small loveseat/couch at IKEA sometime between now and the wedding to go along with these ottomans. I'm thinking white or offwhite. I'll probably pick up a couple side tables there as well. After the wedding is over we can either keep these and incorporate them into our study/office OR we can sell them...I guess we'll make that decision when the time comes! BUT....want to know the best part about these ottomans?!? They were only $35 each....yep, that's right! ONLY 35 DOLLARS!!! wow, huh? I had seen them at Target for $50 each a couple weeks before and then i went back to Target last week, saw them on sale, and couldn't resist! 

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