Monday, October 20, 2008

Wedding Website

So in addition to having a wedding planning blog, I decided that Mark and I needed a wedding website - one that was actually for us (not just me like this one!) :) It was also very important to us to make the travel plans as easy as possible for our guests. With a website, we can put up to date information, accommodation info, travel, directions...even a way to RSVP online!  So I did a little research (mostly through WeddingBee where there is TONS of referrals, reviews and advice!) and I decided on I had a few requirements for our website, which this service happily met:
1 - it has to be free
2 - it has to be customizable 
3 - it has to give us an easy domain name
4 - it has to have lots of different features (, please!)
5 - it has to have additional pages I can add for the info of my choice
6 - it has to be easy to navigate for our guests
7 - it absolutely cannot be super cheesy (you know the wedding websites i'm talking about here!!) a HUGE can add music on this site, as well as take music requests from you guests! YAY! Any of you that know Mark and I know that music is a very very big part of our lives so this feature was just a huge added bonus to us!

Here's a link to our page:

And here's a screenshot of the welcome page (minus the verbiage): 

I'm not done with all the pages yet. For example, I haven't uploaded our picture album yet or added all of the music that we want to add (although i did make sure to put up the song that Mark wrote for me - sweet) :) but everything I've done so far has been super easy and user friendly. So...I'd definitely recommend them!!

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