Wednesday, October 29, 2008

THE DRESS (that's right....THE one!!!)

Another breakthrough in wedding planning happened last Saturday (Oct.25th)!

The search for the dress had only begun 3 weeks earlier. It all started the 2nd week of October at the White Room in Helena, AL. I got word that they were having a sample sale, but was sure I wasn't going to be able to make it since Mark and I had plans to go out of town that weekend. As luck would have it though, we decided that we would return early on Sunday so that Mark could get in some more study time for the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering Exam) that was coming up pretty quickly. After we made that decision (on Friday) I decided I'd call the White Room to see if by any chance they had any open appointments on Sunday (after 3pm) during their sample sale - turns out they did!! So I made an appointment then sent a text to my two B'ham bridesmaids, Deana and Ruth Ann. By some miracle they were BOTH available to go to the dress shop with me on Sunday! (on a side note...we are all usually really busy and its nearly impossible to get together, much less to get all 3 of us together!) So things were working out just perfectly! :)

At the dress shop on Sunday I tried on some beautiful dresses. I ended up narrowing it down to 2 and then started looking closely at price (I gave the saleswoman my budget for my dress on the way in and she was going to "police" our search based on that). Unfortunately, even with the sample sale discount (in some cases 50% off!) the dresses were STILL out of my range. They were very beautiful though, the saleswoman was amazingly patient and helpful and kind, and we had a wonderful experience there. I would definitely recommend The White Room - if you can afford it ;)

The next weekend my mom came up from Montgomery, AL to go dress shopping with me once again. This time I went to the Carriage House in Homewood, AL and The Something Blue Shoppe in Hartselle, AL (a little over an hour's drive from Birmingham!). The Carriage House had some beautiful dresses (hello Monique Lhullier and her beautiful lace! Another stand out was Christos), but once again the dresses were quite pricey! So we headed up to The Something Blue Shoppe where i had heard they had beautiful designer (yet more price-friendly) dresses. Our time there was limited because they close at 4pm on Saturday (like most dress shops around Birmingham - which i think is RIDICULOUS! I mean come on...does no one work??) So I grabbed as many dresses as I could to try on in a little under an hour - of course I went over that time and the sales ladies (somewhat) patiently waited for me. We left the store about 4:45 or so i think :) During that flurry of dresses there was ONE that stood out. It was beautiful and flattering and romantic and stylish and I couldn't get it out of my head all week! Unfortunately, that shop doesn't allow for pictures to be taken in the dresses (dumb!) so I didn't have anything that i could go back and stare at...errrr, i mean reference. :)

So this past Saturday my friend (and bridesmaid) Deana went back with me to check out that well as others since I hadn't had much time there the week before. We chose several dresses for me to try on as well as "the possible" dress. I tried on all the other options first and then put on THE dress. :) It was as beautiful as I had remembered. With the veil I had tried on the week before it was the perfect mix of modern/vintage (which for those of you who know me know that's totally my style). Deana even started to get teary eyed!! :) I knew this was it. Deana and I managed to sneak a few pictures in the dressing room so now i have a few (although not the best) pictures to gaze longingly at until the dress comes in :) Which the dress should be here by mid-February...I can't wait!! 

I have to admit I had a small battle with anxiety right after i ordered the dress. You see, as I've mentioned before, I'm "slightly" obsessive. I always have to research and research and think and make lists and research some more before i make important decisions. And I couldn't believe I had already ordered my dress just 3 weeks after i began searching! I think that's a record!! My mind started to freak out a bit though - had I looked at enough dresses? What if there was something better - for {gasp} a better price?? After about 15/20 minutes my mind began to settle down. What was I thinking? I LOVE this dress. This dress is AMAZING. This dress is THE DRESS that I'm going to be wearing while I marry the man I love with all of heart, my best friend, the love of my life. :) I'm SO excited. 

(and NO Mark...I'm not going to post any pictures! those are under lock and key :)'ll just have to wait! )

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