Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I couldn't resist that title. I've seen it written numerous times on wedding blogs, but i still think it's shocking, confusing and hilarious :) STD's, of course, stands for Save The Dates. You know, the little cards that are sent out to your guests prior to the wedding invitations. They let guest know the date of the wedding and also often list a website for more info. Well, I've been thinking about these lately. STD's (ha!) are usually sent out 6-8 months before the wedding. Well, at this point we are 7 1/2 months out so it's time to start thinking about them!!! (woah!!)

I'm considering using either a magnet or a postcard STD. With magnets....they are easy and convenient for the guests - just stick it on the fridge and you will daily be reminded of the wedding! For postcards, they are cute and inexpensive (both to create AND to mail!).  So...which to pick?!? I've done a little research (surprise, surprise huh??) and found some companies to use for either. For the magnet I'm considering Fresh Impressions  and I'm specifically considering this design:

Of course the picture would be of me and Mark (I know, seems obvious...but just thought i'd be clear!!) and the colors and font can be customized - at no charge!! So we could change the pink to a deep purple and the writing in that area to a pale aqua (yay!). I think I'd keep the "Save The Date" part in black font though and I'd change the font in the monogram to something a little more elegant.  So...this is option 1. I can order these - including the envelope - for the cost of 100/$1.29 each or 150/$1.09 each.

Option 2 is postcards. I could order these from Overnight Prints and I could completely customize them at no extra cost. I could order 100 of these for just $29.95!'s cheaper postage for postcards - only $.27/each vs. $.42/each for standard letters.  Here's a great example of a STD postcard made from Overnight Prints:

The personal information is obviously blocked out on this postcard, but you still can get the idea.  This person actually took the pictures herself at her home in front of her curtains, using her 10 second timer on her camera! those curtains kind of remind you of these by chance?!? :)

yeah, I love Damask. No big news, right? :) So...what do you guys think?? Magnet vs. Postcard?


rebecca said...

so liz, just a little something to think about. A lot of Alice's STD's didn't make it to their destination. Since they were magnets, they got stuck to different things throughout the mailing process!!! :)

brett said...

i'll take mark's side (probably) and say go with the postcards. plus that little story rebecca has there would keep me away from magnets.