Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Palette

So I've had a difficult time deciding the wedding palette (surprise, surprise huh??). Initially I was thinking aqua and red with black and white accents. It's a great color palette. My first inspiration for this came from the June/July 08 issue of Domino Magazine (LOVE that magazine, btw). There's a great room in there that's done in the aqua/red/black combo. My fiance really liked the color combo too. After we picked our venue though we came to the realization that the color combo might not work best in our space. We're getting married at an old historic home in Birmingham, AL called the Donnelly House. The ceremony will be in the garden and the reception will be in the house and in a tent behind the house.  The color palette in the house is very neutral - kind of varying shades of creams. I was afraid the red would overpower the decor in the house so then I started looking for inspiration for other palettes. I think what I'm leaning towards now is a pale aqua/black and ivory damask.  What do you guys think?

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