Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vintage Glass

I love vintage colored glass (btw...I promise I don't throw the word "love" around as much in real life. Honestly! I just like to write about things that i really really like [aka Love] Disclaimer: this does include talking to my cat or my fiance!). Over the past couple years I've started collecting colored glass - mostly found from flea markets and a couple items from rummage sales and such. I've tried the whole thrift store thing but that never really works for me. I just get annoyed by all the mess, clutter and worthless stuff! If it's a well organized thrift store then I can deal...but how often do you find those?!?
So somewhere along my time spent searching various websites and design blogs I came across this beautiful colored glass

It's called cathedral glass bottles. And guess what? Apparently it's a collectible item - OF COURSE! I did some searches on ebay for these and the ones in good condition were going for about $200! Can you believe that?!? Apparently it's from the Civil War period - wow! These bottles were used for pickles and peppers. I wish our consumer packaging was still this beautiful. 

I could really see groupings of these on various tables holding single bud flowers such as poppies like this

and maybe pretty, soft peonies and ranoculus. These could be surrounded by votive candles. Lots and lots of candles - you guessed it...I love candles :)

And now the interactive part of the blog - anyone know where to find pretty colored glass bud vases? They don't have to be vintage! They do need to be a shade of pale aqua, green or blue though! I found some small (really quite small) aqua colored bottles at World Market the other day. I'm not sure if they are large enough to hold a single bud even - I'd have to test it out, so I didn't buy them. Any other suggestions for stores/websites?

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brett said...

have you tried michael's or that other gigantic craft store? i remember michael's having many different kinds of vases.