Monday, August 18, 2008

BM Dresses

So I've had a hard time finding the right shade of aqua for the bridesmaid dresses. I guess you could probably consider me extremely picky about shades/tones of the colors, but I think everyone has probably experienced the shock/horror when that perfect color of paint you picked out doesn't turn out the  perfect color when you put it on the walls....oh, if you had JUST picked that shade above or below it on the paint chip card it would have been PERFECT! okay, so maybe i'm being a little dramatic, but shades of colors really make a big difference! seriously!! :)

I did find one shade of aqua that i think would be nice. It's a color that they carry with the Simple Silhouettes line. Those dresses are great...very modern for bridesmaid dresses, and I honestly think that some of them can be worn again, which is really most important to me for my maids. I know everyone always says that "oh, don't you think these could be worn again?" and they never really can. I mean come on...chiffon just SCREAMS bridesmaid. So i've been trying to look in nontraditional places for bridesmaid dresses - Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillards, JCrew, Anthropologie, etc. I've found some pretty good contenders...but none in that perfect shade of aqua. Although, i have found several options in a nice dark purple - kind of a royal or an aubergine purple. Apparently it's going to be  hot color this fall. But i'm having a spring wedding...hmmm....oh well i guess!  What do you guys think? Purple/Pale Aqua Blue/and B/W Damask...does that work for spring?!? I mean it is an evening wedding....

Also - i LOVE this Nicole Miller dress....but it's a bit on the pricey side 
(okay, maybe a little more than a bit). But I would without a doubt wear this dress again!

Here's the Aqua colored Simple Silhouettes dress I was talking about...
i'd probably pick a different style, but i do love the color. And I'd like this one with a black "belt" instead of the aqua that is on this one. 

Here's another purple option:

I think i'd actually like to see different styles/shapes in the bridesmaid dresses. I think it's a softer look with all the maids are wearing the same color/length but different styles. I sometimes feel like everyone wearing the same dress looks a bit like a bridal army. know what i mean?!? Plus, with different styles, everyone is able to get the style that looks best on them. I mean, I love strapless dresses but I KNOW that not everyone does. 

So...what do you guys think?!?


rebecca said...

1. You are hilarious!!
2. I know exactly what you mean on the shade/tone thing.
3. UMMMm.... IN LOVE with the Nicole Miller Dress! which leads me to a second list..
a. It definitely can be worn again.
b. The color is gorgeous
c. Your wedding will be smoking hot if your bridesmaids wear that... I'm just sayin'.... :)

ss said...

ut oh. now i really like the purples. and i would totally wear that dress somewhere else! hmmm, decisions. i might have to call you on this. there's a lot to talk out. :)