Thursday, August 7, 2008

My first real blog

Okay, so i've tried this whole blogging thing once before...but it was through myspace. So does that really count? The topic was basically non-existent and i didn't really expect anyone to read it. Which...who knows, might be the case with this blog as well...but hopefully not! My goal with this is to document my wedding planning process and hopefully gather inspiration, opinions, advice and guidance from fellow wedding planning bloggers. In the recent weeks I've developed this mild obsession (okay, okay...maybe slightly more than mild) with reading wedding and style blogs. I LOVE them! They are extremely addictive....but incredibly fun and inspirational. I'm the type of person that spends hours (or days...possibly weeks) searching through every review and picture and piece of information that is out there in order to make a big decision - such as a trip i'd like to take (hello honeymoon!!), buying a new camera, or even deciding on a color scheme (i'm trying really REALLY hard). So what better option is there for an indecisive gal such as myself than to seek the help of the blogging community?!? And this is where is all begins..welcome to my blog. Comments welcome. :)

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