Saturday, December 6, 2008

Here Comes The Groom....All Dressed In ________??

We need your help! Mark and I went to the tux shop today for him to try on some tuxes and some vest/tie combinations. Well, the jacket was a little big so we're going to have to make some adjustments there and he's trying to decide between a flat front pant (which our consultant did not have on hand today) and a two-pleat pant so our consultant is going to make those adjustments and we're going to go back in next week to try to make some decisions. Basically, for tuxes we're looking at a 3 button, satin notched lapel (basic tux, just a three button) or a very subtle black striped tux with a notched lapel and two button jacket. For vest/tie combos we have a couple options:

OPTION A: 3 button jacket, black satin vest, black tie and pleated shirt

OPTION B: black striped 2 button tux, black satin vest, black tie

OPTION C: 2 button tux (even though we like the 3 button better), ivory satin vest, ivory tie

OPTION D: 3 button tux, black satin vest, black tie, plain (no pleats) shirt - sorry this pic is a little fuzzy!!

OPTION E: This was the 2 button jacket with the ivory vest and black tie (we later decided we like the 3 button jacket better but i don't have a picture of it with this combo)

These are all options for the groom. Which do you like best?? Mark and I couldn't decide. Hopefully we'll have more success deciding when we go back next week. :)

As for the groomsmen I think we have decided on this combo:
The tie here might be a little too plummy (yeah, that's a word right?!) .....depending on the bridesmaids dresses of course! If needed, they have a tie for purchase that is more of a true eggplant. We'll go that route if we have to. But overall I like the black satin vest/purple tie combo. We definitely don't want to do the purple vest with it...I think that's just too much purple and little too tacky! :) But hey, that's just my take!

So, what do you guys think?? 


Brett said...

i like option d. and 'plummy' is totally a word.

Jamie Burnett said...

I'm really liking the ivory in option C!

mark lawrence said...

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