Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Hello, Hello!!

So, yeah, I haven't blogged in oh say....2 1/2 months! I'm so sorry for my absence!

Yes, my wedding has now passed....and I have to say that it was absolutely perfect in it's own unique way and I wouldn't change a thing about it! I'll give you all more full recaps later, including reviews on each of our vendors, but as for now I have two things i want to address. 1 - My absence from writing this blog and 2 - My amazing friends. 

As the time for my wedding drew closer and closer my To-Do list got longer and longer (Imagine that!).  Not only that, but I felt that this blog was best for me to share ideas, bounce ideas off my readers, and eventually get around to making decisions. As those of you know that have planned a wedding before and those of you that are currently planning a wedding will soon find out, once you get about a month out from the wedding, everything goes into overdrive. I no longer had any time to bounce ideas off people....I then only barely had enough time to make and implement decisions! When people would ask me why I hadn't been writing in my blog I would tell them, "I no longer have time to write about doing things....I actually have to do them!".  As much as you plan prior to your wedding, you can never take care of everything in advance and there are ALWAYS last minute things. Trust me, I'm a planner by nature and I definitely learned this. 

Speaking of taking care of last minute things....leading up to the wedding, I had a To-Do list that i carried around with me EVERYWHERE. I seriously could not leave home without this....and I could not forget to put something on it that needed to be done because my head was so jumbled with STUFF that if I didn't write it down right away, it was gone. You see, I planned a wedding in the town that Mark & I live in...not in my hometown. Which was basically just me planning the wedding by myself (with input from Mark) without much help at all from my family. Not a big deal at all to me...I'm a pretty independent person and I don't rely on others very often. BUT planning a wedding while working a pretty demanding full time job is another thing! My To-Do list was still a good 2 pages long 2 days before the wedding. THANK GOD my friend and bridesmaid Fawn came into town a little early for the wedding (because she was coming in from L.A.)....she got over to my house on Thursday ready and willing to work! We stayed up talking and wrapping presents (for the parents, child attendants and groom) that night. The next day, Friday, was the day of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We had planned for a lot of the girls to stay at my house that night because I was kicking Mark out to go stay elsewhere the night before the wedding. :) Well, my friends certainly came to my rescue here. After a LONG, rushed day of a stressful rehearsal (family issues - divorced parents) and family coming into town and getting lost and then our rehearsal dinner (which was nice, but i was still a ball of stressed worried about my family and their interactions the next day), it was SO NICE to have all my ladies over for what i intended to be a little girl time....but ended up being me quickly packing my suitcase for our honeymoon and the girls putting together the toss cones, tying ribbon on the seat markers and wrapping gifts for the groom. If they had not been there that night i think A) I probably would have lost it and given up...crying on the phone with my fiance OR  B) been up ALL night finishing projects. Not only did they save my sanity that night, but they also did it with a smile. I love you girls and I cannot even begin to tell you how much your support meant to me. 

I just wanted to end this post with a couple pictures of my superheroes from our wedding weekend....
L to R: Stevie, Me, Fawn, Becky, RuthAnn @ the cocktail hour honoring our bridal party
 (after the rehearsal)

My Lovely, Amazing, Wonderful Welcome Attendants (aka polaroid photographers, program hand-r-outers, guestbook attendants, petal toss cone explainers): Melanie & Becky

RuthAnn (my superhero friend, my hair stylist, my toss bouquet go-getter, my veil put-r-oner, my kick everybody out of the bridal suite when i needed peace & quite -r, my getting ready picture taker, get the idea)

RuthAnn and I at the reception

RuthAnn, Fawn and Deana - my lovely bridesmaids/superheros/ water go-getters/ make sure the bride TRIES to eat-ers

....and I wish I had a pictures of all of my lovely bridesmaids together, BUT I don't :( Thanks SO SO, VERY MUCH to all of you ladies though. I love you!!!

The Indecisive Bride

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Melanie said...

This is my favorite post yet! :) The wedding was AMAZING and can't wait to see the McClellan Pics!! Much love :)