Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moving Right Past Baby Steps....

...that's right. Goodbye baby steps. We're now within a 7 week countdown until the wedding. Know what that means??

....Invitations went out!!! Yay!!! 

I've mentioned invitations before on my blog, like here and here and here. Well, to catch you all up to speed....a while back I listed a request on Etsy's Alchemy. The request was for my wedding invitations. Lots of bids came in for my invitations (probably around 30)...but one really stuck out. The designer was very enthusiastic and really seemed to share the same design style with me...plus, she loved our colors. The designer's name is Lindsey of Lindsey Ryan Design (and I highly, HIGHLY recommend her!). She sent me her portfolio, then a few mockups of what i had in mind and then she continued working with me on mockups. Honestly, we probably made at least 10 before I ever decided that this was the designer that I wanted to work with (what?? I told you i'm indecisive!!). She was sweet and patient and very receptive to my little tweaks and changes. We've been working on these invitations since mid-January! And finally, FINALLY, I get to show these to you!! I didn't want to ruin the surprise for our guests and show them before they went out....so now that I've gotten word that guests are receiving them, I can show them to you all!!

Here's a pic of them all addressed, stamped (both with the postage AND a silver stamp that I hand stamped on each envelope) and ready to go:

Ruby shimmer envelopes
*note - I blurred out parts of names and addresses for privacy*
Mark's Mom (my future mother-in-law) addressed ALL of the invitations for me with her lovely handwriting!! She is so sweet! :) BIG thanks to her b/c if I would have had to address these then they wouldn't be nearly as pretty!

Black Linen folio with aquamarine shimmer belly band

The main invitation!! (again, stuff blurred out for privacy)
It's printed on shimmer paper

The inserts! Travel info and RSVP set
printed on shimmer paper and the RSVP envelope is the aquamarine shimmer

The Whole Set!! 

So...what do you guys think?? I LOVE how they turned out!! I really wanted to build on the kind of "individualistic" theme we kinda have going.... You see, I love for things to coordinate but not match EXACTLY. For example...the bridesmaids dresses that are all the same color and length but all different styles; the vintage glass bottles that are all the same color but different heights and designs; the invitations which are all a form of a damask design...but none of the designs are the same throughout the invitation; the silver stamps on the outside of the invitations that are all the same stamp but placed in different locations on each envelope. I realize that people might not notice these tiny little details...but I do, and I love it! :)   Thanks again to Lindsey!! :)


Anonymous said...

LIZ!!! I love them! They are unique and "Liz" to the core. I cannot wait to get mine in the mail! I promise to RSVP first thing...usually, I'm kinda bad about that. I just ordered my invitations, so I will have to show you the sample when I get them in the mail. They don't even come close to the attention to detail and unique designs of yours, but they are turning out exactly like I wanted. I love love LOVE your invitations, Liz!!! Greast job...I am sooo looking forward to the wedding and sharing this time with you!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I loved your invitations! They were awesome. Mine is still displayed on my fridge.

Our Big Day on the Day of the Dead said...

I was wondering what you paid for your invitation suite? I am interested in one, and curious how much she charged. lovely!