Sunday, March 22, 2009

Honeymoon: {drumroll}.....check!!!

So it's about time, right???

We finally picked our honeymoon destination!!! 

After reading about a million TripAdvisor reviews from hotels and resorts quite literally all over the world, we've finally decided to go to.....

The Four Seasons Maui at Wailea!!!! 

And yes, that is a REAL picture taken from a guest at the FS Maui (I swiped it from Flikr, as I did with all of the pictures that will be in this post).

I'm so excited!!!! For 2 reasons really.... 1 - to go to this AMAZING resort in Hawaii with my even more amazing (official by that time) husband!! 2 - to actually have this decision made, booked and checked off our list!!

As I said, we did a TON of research for this honeymoon. TripAdvisor was a godsend. I loved that we could read literally hundreds of reviews on each destination we were considering. Not only that, but they are also ranked by location AND the reviewers (who are the actual people that traveled to these places - not travel agents or anything) can upload their personal pictures from the trip so you can get a good idea of what it REALLY looks like from a guest's perspective. Oh, and you can actually email the reviewers through the site and ask them additional questions about the destination. And speaking of reviews this place has 673 total reviews and 524 of these reviews are 5 star...and let me tell you, these tripadvisor people are not easy to please!! ;) Also solidifying our decision was the fact that this resort is one of only 3 AAA Five Diamond award winners in all of Hawaii...and it's been a Five Diamond award winner for 17 years in a row now! So yeah, sounds amazing right? I can't wait!! This will be just what we need after this whole year and a half (nearly!) of wedding planning! 

And now it's picture time...

Now we've just gotta get one of these (an underwater camera case for our Canon SD 600):

So that we can take pics like these: 


(All photos from Flickr)

Aloha!!!!!! ;)

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Mark said...

Aloha Liz my name is Mark Simon and I am Marketing Director at Four Seasons Maui. We are delighted that you chose our resort for your honeymoon! Feel free to contact me directly if I can do anything special for you. E-mail is