Thursday, September 11, 2008

Okay, For Serious.

silly title....but i'm totally feeling THAT silly (and ridiculous) at this point. i mean how many bridesmaid dress posts have i made?!? ugh. let's pretend like we're not keeping count.... :)

so the last post i made about BM dresses i was thinking 3 different dresses x 2 dresses of each version. well, since then i made a trip to Nashville for a friend's bachelorette party (great time btw...i love you guys!!) and went into the BCBG store, and let me tell you...the sequins on that dress did not come across as well in person as they did in the pic...kinda a prom flashback if you know what i mean!  plus the coordination between that might be kinda chaotic...not to mention that most of those were on sale so coordinating sizes would be quite difficult as well.

so, with all of that said...i'm back to thinking one color - and one style i long as it's really stylish! I've looked through all the typical bridesmaid sites where i could do the same color/same fabric but different style thing and i just feel like all of those are too "bridesmaid" looking. know what i mean?!? the only exception would be JCREW, which has great dresses but NOT in my color. their "Plum" should be called Magenta! i mean come on! 

which brings us to this....the NEW (and hopefully LAST) selection of bridesmaid dresses. Please (please, please) vote for you favorite!!

Nicole Miller - Nordstrom

Anthropologie - Tickled Plum Dress

* on a side note - i'd do a different belt or sash with this one or at least tie it differently b/c i think the way it is here is a bit too bulky. *

Nicole Miller - Nordstrom

Laundry By Design - Saks Fifth Avenue

And voting begins now! Choose A, B, C, or D


Rachel said...

D...I love D :)

rebecca said...

OK Liz Becky and Amanda both vote CCCCC!!! Hope all is great :) take my advice just choose one and quit looking it makes life easy

Melanie said...

Ok so I'm going to make this difficult and say "A"...sorry Liz!!!!
P.S. We had fun Saturday :)

Heather said...

B, but it looks pretty darn short-- the bonus is my boobs would look smaller LOL. I like D a lot too-- the criscross comes down a little further on the ribs and would be more slimming. i dont really like either of the others at all, but I like C more than A just slightly.