Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome Back

I can't help but think of this when those two words are placed together:

Welcome Back.

Granted, the television series ran before I was born (and probably most anyone reading this), BUT Nick at Nite was totally my generation....hence why the theme song gets stuck in my head.

I digress.

It has been ONE DAY short of a year since I last posted here. Sadness. I'm such a slacker (been said before, check the archives). Although, I'm once again feeling the urge to write. I haven't forgotten about this blog over the past year....I've still been doing projects around the house, decorating, helping with parties/showers, traveling and documenting it all along the way with full intentions of "writing a post" at some point. I just haven't managed to actually follow through on that. On the "glass half full" front though, that means I have lots of material to share with you all! :) (that is IF anyone ever really comes here to read this thing!)

From what I can tell, I still owe you all posts on the rest of our Italy Trip -- I left off detailing our planned trip city by city and I only made it as far as our 2nd stop! So expect details on our other 4 Italian destinations -- Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Florence and Rome -- as well as updates from the actual trip (since we took that trip last Sept/Oct!)  I also have projects galore -- from building a retaining wall, a recycled concrete walkway, and removing wallpaper from our upstairs guest bath to making a Christmas tree skirt and learning to sew....and on, and on, and on. ....I can get a lot accomplished in a year! So stay tuned. ....for real this time!

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