Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wedding Pictures - Help Me Choose!

Okay, so here's the deal....I'm trying to pick 2 pictures to print as 11 x 14's for a picture ledge that we've just installed in our Dining Room. I've chosen two color photos and two black and white's. Our Dining Room looks something like this:
So we're working with a deep purple wall under the chair rail, a creamy off-white above the chair rail, champagne-ish/gold and black flocked damask curtains, a black table, white chairs and a dark walnut buffet with gold hardware. The picture ledge is black and is on the opposite wall that you can't see here. (oh, and btw, that cheapo looking standard builder's chandelier will eventually be replaced by a black crystal chandelier)

So.....Option 1:

And Option 2: 

So, cast your votes! Option 1 or Option 2...which would you pick?! ......HELP!! :)

the indecisive wife

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Melanie said...

Option 2!