Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bring on the Warmth!

This has been a COLD winter. Cold and long. So cold in fact that there was even some of this:

And this:

Beautiful Snowy Wonderland, right? Well guess what? These pictures were taken in....My Backyard!! In Birmingham, AL!!! Uh, yeah! Trust me, this normally does NOT happen. Not to say that Birmingham doesn't *ever* get snow, cause yeah, we do...sometimes. Sometimes we get a flurry or two! It's seriously rarely ever enough to coat the ground....much less completely bury it in about 2 1/2 inches! So what do you do when it snows in Birmingham? You take the day off work and play in it, of course! 

This was taken as I was pulling up to my house after getting off work about 1pm:

BIG flakes of snow were falling and covering our front yard very quickly! There was even enough snow to build a snowman:

We weren't really going for it, but i thought our snowman turned out kinda like a Tim Burton character. What do ya think??

Okay, so, it might not look like it here, but I hate the winter!! I mean, if it's gonna be cold then I'd like for it to snow. Wouldn't everyone?!? Unfortunately that's not typically the case here in Alabama. And man, this winter has been much worse than our usual winters....and it seems much longer too! ...Which makes me long for warm-weather even more than normal! I've always been a warm-weather person. I love summers....the heat really doesn't even bother me. I guess that can be attributed to my years spent in swim lessons, then swim team, then diving team and then lifeguarding. Did I mention that I love the water too? Cause I do. Yeah, I spent pretty much the entire part of my youth in or around the pool and although we did have an indoor pool in the small town I grew up in (yeah, that's right "an" indoor pool...singular. one. and that wasn't built until I was in about 8th grade), I still associate the pool with summertime. I love the warm weather, the sunshine, the summer sun dresses, the flip flops, the warm breezy summer nights...everything about summer and warm weather........And this winter is KILLING me!!! Okay, maybe not killing me literally, but killing my spirit! Seriously! Winters are depressing! They make me want to hibernate. I lack nearly all motivation. I keep waking up each day hoping that it's going to be warm. I mean seriously, at this point, I just wake up hoping for 50/60 degree weather! I just want to be outside!!

...which brings me to this.....

We booked a trip for our 1st marriage anniversary coming up in May!!!!!! AAHHH! I can't wait!! We'll be this about 13 weeks! (geez, that seems too long!) It's the Valentin Imperial Maya in Playa del Secreto, Mexico (in the Riviera Maya right outside of Playa del Carmen) and we'll be spending 8 days and 7 wonderful, warm, ocean-side, all-inclusive nights here! (can you tell I'm excited??)

THIS is getting me through the winter....although I'm still praying each day that I wake up to 60/70 degree weather (I know,  I know, I said 50/60 would suffice...but 60/70 would be more like it!). 

stay warm,
The Indecisive Wife

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