Friday, July 31, 2009

A Moment in Time

Some moments are just so good that you never want them to pass, holding them in the palm of your hand so tightly that your knuckles turn white and your fingers go numb. Our wedding day was like this to me. Were there moments of stress? Yes. Anxiety? Yes. Nervousness? Yes. But there was also Warmth, Love, Friendship, Hopefulness, and Overwhelming Support.  There were several times when I had to stop and remind myself that this was all for me & Mark. That this was actually OUR wedding.

We made a decision pretty late in the game to hire a videographer...and I'm so, SO glad that we did. We had amazing photographers that I was sure would be able to capture the mood and overall feel of our day, but there's just something about a really well done video that tugs at your heartstrings. It goes beyond the pictures and really tells the story of the couple and the people that surround them.  It unveils the emotions that are involved with the deep commitment that the ceremony symbolizes. And trust me, there are an array of emotions! We haven't gotten even a sneak peek back from Superium, our videographers, yet but I cannot wait till we do! 

Until then, I'd like to share a couple videos that I think capture a wedding beautifully. These kinds of videos are the reason that we decided to hire a videographer for our wedding. These two videos are done by Still Motion, a wedding cinematography company based out of Canada. (If they weren't over my budget and hundreds [maybe thousands] of miles away from us, then I definitely would have been all over them to shoot our wedding!)

Amazing right? Those two get me teary eyed every time!! When I met with our videographer -- Nick Weeks from Superium Productions -- I had a little trouble expressing what I wanted our video to be like. I used words like "atypical wedding video", "unique", "artistic"....I told him that i didn't want it to just be video of the wedding...I wanted it more like a movie, something that's actually fun to watch. I told him to chop it up and edit it like crazy...I didn't want it to be just one long recording of the events. I knew I wanted our voices overlayed in spots too....things like the vows, and we decided to do a little mini "love story" within the wedding. They interviewed both Mark and I separately and asked questions about our relationship and each other. I can't wait to see what they come up with! Here's a sample of a highlight video they did for another couple:

So what about you guys? Do you think a wedding video is worth it? Did you hire a videographer
for your wedding day...or would you?


Nick Weeks said...

I would hire Still Motion for my wedding video! ;) ;)

Southern Web Girl said...

I would hire Nick Weeks! And that dude Keith!

But in all seriousness, I was really hesitant about hiring a videographer because most videos I had seen were either a) pure cheese complete with 80s graphics or b) might as well have been filmed by my uncle on a tripod.

We hired Superium for our April 25 beach wedding and I think when I *finally* see the final result it will be one of my most treasured items.

Nick Weeks said...


don't they say good things are worth waiting for???